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Cheerleader Sex

Cheerleader sex is a common male fantasy. For many, the thought of conquering the elusive cheerleader, she who most likely scorned him in high school, is exhilarating. This conquest is what makes the fantasy of cheerleader sex so alluring to many men.

Another reason for cheerleader sex being the source of fantasy is the athleticism of cheerleaders. For many men, the thought of having sex with a woman capable of flips, jumps, and leg lifts is erotic, as, in their minds, these skills equate to better skills in bed.

For yet other men, cheerleader sex is a fetish brought on by a general desire to see what is under the uniform of a woman. For these men, it is not so much the cheerleading outfit as it is the fact that the woman is in a uniform. A police officer’s uniform and a nurse’s uniform would have a similar effect.

With the popularity of cheerleader sex in male fantasies, there are many pornographic movies involving cheerleaders. These movies range from the jock having sex with the cheerleader, to the school nerd “lucking out” and having sex with the popular cheerleader. Some even involve lesbian cheerleader sex or group sex as the cheerleader engages in sexual activities with the entire team she cheers for.

Cheerleader sex is also a popular form of sexual role-play. Many couples enjoy acting out the fantasy of cheerleader sex as the woman dresses up as a cheerleader and the man plays himself and manages to have his way with the cheerleader. Or, the man can role-play as the team captain, often having his way with the cheerleader in the team locker room.

Cheerleader sex fantasies have existed ever since there have been cheerleaders. With their alluring outfits, jovial spirits, and athletic ability, cheerleaders are bound to continue to be the source of fantasy for years to come.

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