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Mature Sex

Mature sex is a sexual fetish that involves viewing videos of older women, and less frequently in older men, engaging in sex. Mature sex can also involve simply viewing nude photos of older women.

For those who fantasize about mature sex, the draw is the idea that older women are more experienced than younger women. For those who wish to engage in mature sex, the belief is that this type of sex is more gratifying.

This concept is not necessarily without merit. Most research into adult sexuality does indicate that mature sex is often more gratifying for both partners. This is because those who engage in mature sex generally have a better knowledge of their own bodies, needs, and desires. By the same token, mature sex participants have generally learned more about how to please their partners.

At the same time, those who engage in mature sex have an increased likelihood of experiencing problems when it comes to sex. For example, women tend to require more lubrication in order to have sex as their bodies begin to produce their own natural lubricants less frequently. This is especially true for women who have gone through menopause.

Men who engage in mature sex are also more likely to experience erectile dysfunction problems. These difficulties can be further complicated by health issues that are common in older people, such as type II diabetes.

Despite the increased likelihood for men engaging in mature sex to experience erectile difficulties, older men without these problems often have an increased ability to control when their orgasm occurs. For this reason, mature sex can be more pleasurable for a woman as her partner has learned how to put off his own pleasure until she has reached orgasm.

While mature sex might be a sexual fetish or fantasy for some, many people around the world routinely engage in mature sex in their own mutually pleasing relationships.

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