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Sex Games

Couples that are looking to add a little extra flavor to their sex lives often use sex games. Sex games can include the use of toys, role-playing, or sexual competitions.

Using sex toys in sex games can increase sexual pleasure as various toys such as dildos and vibrators provide pleasurable sexual stimulation. Sex toys are available for both men and women and can be used on the genitals, breasts, and the anus.

There are a variety of sex games involving role-playing. In role-playing, the sexual partners pretend to be a certain character to help elicit their sexual fantasies. In many forms of role-playing, one of the partners takes on a dominant role over the other. Cybersex is also a popular forum for acting out these sort of sex games as the anonymity of the internet makes it easier to act out sexual fantasies that might be otherwise considered forbidden.

One of the most popular sex games involving role-playing is acting like a master and a slave, in which the slave must submit to everything the master asks. Teacher and student pairings and rapist and victim pairing are also popular. Other role-playing pairings include: boss/secretary, celebrity/fan, captain/first mate, farmer/animal, doctor/nurse, jailer/prisoner, doctor (or nurse)/patient, knight/damsel, vampire/human (or another vampire), priest/nun, stranger/stranger, scientist/subject, and historical couples. Sometimes, one partner will remain himself or herself, while the other partner takes on a new persona, such as that of a celebrity or another fictional character.

Competitions in sex games can come in a variety of fashions. For some, these competitions can involve seeing how many sexual partners can be achieved in a period of time. Or, the competition can be to see who can manage to have sex in the greatest number of public places. Yet other competitions can involve seeing who can achieve the greatest number of orgasms in one sexual encounter.

Whatever sex games are played, the partners engaging in them are sure to add a little fun, and excitement, to their sex lives.

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