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Sex Stories

Erotic sex stories have long been the basis of soft- and hardcore sex magazines, anime sex videos and other elements of the porn industry, but they can also serve as a marital aid product for more conservative-minded consumers.

Fully illustrated sex stories can be purchased through your local book store or at specialty sex or couples shops. If you would rather not been seen picking up a book of sex stories (or heaven forbid, having to put in a special order for an out-of-stock title!), you can also order books and videos from many online or mail order retailers. Most online and mail order retailers offering sexually explicit material will ship your order in discreet packaging so you don’t have to worry about your postal delivery person noticing you are reading about oral sex or hardcore sex.

Sex stories are generally produced to accommodate every kind of sexual inclination from teen sex to animal sex. Retailers, particularly those in shops that cater to sexual matters, have seen and heard it all, so if there is something you can’t find, ask for it. Don’t be embarrassed: as most retailers will tell you, every consumer is different and sex shops, in particular, exist because they understand their market and do not judge it.

Sex stories serve several purposes beyond personal titillation. They can also be helpful for someone looking to try something new. For example, if all of a consumer’s previous sexual encounters were heterosexual in nature, he or she might turn to sex stories depicting gay sex or lesbian sex to learn more about different positions, or to become more familiar with what is expected in those acts. Regardless of the reason you are shopping around for sex stories, you are virtually guaranteed to find something you like or something that will add some spark to your sex life.

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