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Many parents remain in denial, but teen sex is on the rise in North America and other parts of the world. Teen sex presents several health issues including pregnancy prevention and disease protection. As researchers have learned, teen sex is often unprotected sex — particularly when it comes to oral sex—and it is important that parents, educators and health care professions work to reverse this trend for both hetero and gay sex.

Teens tend to shy away from talking about sex with their parents. Too often, especially for young men, a teen’s knowledge of sex comes from television or hardcore sex-related magazines featuring unrealistic scenarios and sex positions. When teen sex participants are ‘educated’ in this way, it can lead to unpleasantness for both partners when reality doesn’t match the photos.

Talking about teen sex can be even more difficult for teens interested in gay sex or lesbian sex. Imagine how uncomfortable a male teen would be asking, “Hey Mom, can you give me any tips on anal sex?”

To avoid such scenarios, parents and educators need to talk about teen sex before their children reach their teenage years. There’s no need to indulge in sex stories, descriptions of sex positions or other age-inappropriate material; a simple explanation of the process of sex, using anatomically correct language, is all that’s required. Include the logistics of gay sex in your discussion if you feel it is appropriate to do so.

Discussions about teen sex should go beyond the physical aspects of heterosexual and gay sex to include the emotional responsibilities that go along with entering a sexual relationship. Talking about teen sex may feel awkward, but chances are, your teen is or will soon be having sex. By talking about it in a mature way, you will both feel better knowing your teen will be able to make informed and responsible decisions.

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